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Their wives were often the only ones with whom they could let their emotions show.In some ways how they cope with being a single parent depends on how creative and imaginative men are about the mundane tasks that need doing to keep a household going.This does not mean that these opportunities can't be used to share other aspects of their lives and when men are pressed they will talk about what other information and ideas were exchanged at these meetings.I see some of these differences coming from the way men are socialized - that is how they see their role in raising the children and in running the household. It was not so long ago that it was considered unmanly for men to cry in public. They would often hide their grief, in their work or in other activities.

When mother has to work this is a problem she faces as well.

His oldest son said: "If my mother was still alive we would still be a family". They are sensitive to their children's needs and very aware of what all of them had lost.

One father changed his job, (not something that is always possible) so he would be closer to home if he was needed.

Most of the women, in the Child Bereavement Study talked about going on with what their daily life had always been like as they cared for the family.

They felt the loss in not having a back up when the children were sick or had a problem..

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